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About RL Specialty

At RL Specialty, we provide a variety of healthcare products that help vulnerable populations, such as older adults, the ailing and the infirm.

Who RL Specialty Serves

With our goal of meeting the needs of these individuals, we provide products for many healthcare organizations and individuals. 

We’re a Nursing Home Medical Supply Distributor

Foremost, we’re distributors to nursing homes and other long-term care facilities (LTFs). From single nursing homes to large healthcare groups with 50 to 100 LTFs, we address the specific needs of your facility and your residents.

We know you need to purchase large volumes and that quality, durability, and discount pricing are critical to your bottom line. Furthermore, many of you tell us that you appreciate our friendly, knowledgeable, and responsive service.

We’re Home Health Company Distributors

We sell to home health and home care companies. We know that, as a home health or home care provider, you’re often striving to address the unique needs of a specific client or small groups of clients. We are ready and available, equipped with years of experience and expertise, to work with you to try to find the exact product(s) that are the best fit for yours and your patients’ needs. We also strive to right-size your order. For example, we will often make items available for sale in smaller unit quantities, a service that larger online medical suppliers would usually reject.

We Sell Home Medical Supplies for Individuals

Additionally, we sell to individual home caregivers. If you’re a spouse, family member, or other loved one caring for a person at home, you can buy our professional grade healthcare supplies. You’ll get discounted pricing and the quantities you need at home.

RL Specialty's Values

Our values were established long ago by our company founder Charles Lipshitz. Charles’ philosophy included the following:

  • Offer trusted, quality products at discounted prices;
  • Provide exemplary, upbeat, responsive service;
  • Deliver a smooth, nearly effortless customer experience;
  • Make business interactions not only purposeful, but also friendly and pleasant.


Our RL Specialty Story

The first generation

Charles Lipshitz was born in Poland and emigrated to Chicago in 1950. Even through the severe turbulence and difficulty of his and his family’s displacement from their home in Poland and subsequent interment in concentration camps during World War II and concentration camps, Charles remained optimistic, sharp-witted, and outgoing.

It wasn’t long after his arrival to the United States that Charles that he focused his talents and entrepreneurial spirit to start his own textiles company. He launched RL Specialty in 1960. Soon, he was committed to serving the needs of sick and aging people.

The second generation of RL Specialty

After an accomplished career spanning many years as a Certified Public Accountant, Charles’ son, Leon, felt a pull towards RL Specialty. He soon sold his accounting practice and, to Charles’ delight, joined his father to run RL Specialty side by side. Upon Charles’ retirement, Leon assumed the role of President of RL Specialty, which he continues to occupy today.  

"With more than 50 years of experience, we have the product knowledge and the drive to make people’s lives better."

The third generation

Similarly, Leon’s son Jonathan joined RL Specialty later on in his professional life. An attorney for many years, he was intrigued by the opportunity to work side by side with his father at RL Specialty, and joined his father there.

"I find it extremely rewarding to interact with and help our customers and ultimately support the people they serve."

How Can We Help You?

At RL Specialty, we provide a variety of healthcare products that help vulnerable populations, such as older adults, the ailing and the infirm. If you aren’t finding what you need, please reach out to us. Let us know how we can help you.