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Frequently Asked Questions
About Incontinence Underpads

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These are frequently asked questions about our incontinence underpads.

Although we call them incontinence underpads for bed, they can also be used on chairs, sofas, wheelchairs, car seats, or wherever mishaps may occur.

At RL specialty, we specialize specifically in washable underpads. We believe that the washable underpads offer the following advantages:

  • Increase patient comfort with their soft, cloth-like contact layer
  • Shield both the person and the seat, sheet, or mattress with their absorbent middle layer
  • Slip less and afford much more stability than disposable pads because of their waterproof Vintex® barrier, which helps protect sheets, mattresses, chairs, and any other subsurfaces
  • Offer a more sustainable, “greener” solution than disposable pads
  • Last longer and are more economical than disposable alternatives
  • Require less storage space

According to research, the pad should be chosen based on its absorbency and the individual’s volume of output.

However, much variability exists between three factors:

  • Type and absorbency of product itself
  • Fluid intake and urinary output of the individual
  • Nursing home or caregiver practices

Despite very high incontinence rates in elderly men and women, it is difficult to find clear, objective research on the best incontinence products and practices. Experts agree, more incontinence research is needed.

We offer four types of underpads. 

  • Economy Underpad holds a total of approximately 18 oz; the middle, core layer absorbs 6 oz.
  • Standard Underpad can absorb 18.5 oz.; middle layer holds 7.5 oz.
  • Heavy Soaker Underpads can hold 20.5 oz.; core layer absorbs 9.5 oz.
  • The Extreme Soaker Underpad holds 25 oz.; core, middle layer absorbs 11.5 oz.

All our pads are 34×36 inches. When experts refer to pad size, they are often referring to the underpad’s absorbency. The optimal size is determined by the person’s output.

Often, incontinence pads are used as backup protection along with an adult diaper. If the absorbent brief or diaper fails, the mattress or furniture is still protected.

Our pads contain three layers, quilted together with a five-thread safety stitch.

  • Face Fabric: the soft, breathable cotton/poly fabric twill layer is the facing fabric, closest to the skin and is designed for comfort;
  • Middle Layer: the absorbent polyester/rayon layer is the “soaker” layer. At RL Specialty, this middle layer comes in different levels of absorbency—from 6 oz. to 11.5 oz;
  • Barrier level: the Vintex® waterproof barrier sits on the mattress or chair; it’s a combination of PVC and a knit-polyester backing. This sturdy backing helps keep the pad firmly in place—unlike disposable “chux” pads that tend to slip and slide.

The Vintex® waterproof barrier level is designed to withstand repeated laundering in commercial washers and dryer while maintaining suppleness and impermeability.

After using the underpad, you’ll want to wash it thoroughly as follows:

  • Separate underpads from other laundry, and machine wash separately;
  • Keep the washing machine at 85% capacity or less when washing underpads;
  • Do not use fabric softeners, which can compromise the underpad’s absorbency;
  • The more absorbent the underpad, the longer the machine drying time;
  • Remove promptly when dry (within five minutes of cycle completion).

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